The Second International Workshop on Computational Methods for CyberSafety

Co-Located with WWW 2017
Perth, Australia

The theme of cybersafety is an important emerging research topic on the Internet that manifests itself daily as users navigate the Web and networked applications. Examples of cybersafety issues include cyberbullying, cyberthreats, recruiting minors via Internet services for nefarious purposes, using deceptive means to dupe vulnerable populations, exhibiting misbehaving behaviors such as using profanity or flashing in online video chats, spreading rumors or hate speech via WWW services, and many others. These issues have a direct negative impact on the social, psychological and in some cases physical well-being of users. An important characteristic of these issues is that they fall in a grey legal area, where perpetrators may claim freedom of speech or rights to free expression despite causing harm.

CybersSafety 2017 will be held in conjunction with the World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2017) in April 2017. Information about the venue and registration will be made available on the WWW 2017 site.

We invite submissions of research on computational methods for addressing cybersafety. Please see the Call for Papers for submission information.